Sri Lanka Muslims condemn Sri Lanka’s abstention from voting at the UNESCO

Sri Lanka Muslim community is shocked and surprised about the change of policy of the Good Governance Government to the Palestinian struggle against Israeli ooppression by abstaining from voting in the recent UNESCO resolution to protect the UNESCO declared world heritage sites in Jerusalem.

Since the creation of Israel and systematic eviction and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from their lands to date, the successive Sri Lankan governments have been consistent in their policies of supporting Palestinian rights against Israeli oppression of undermining the Palestinian potentials to attain statehood by Judaizing Palestinian lands.

The current conflict in Jerusalem centred on Masjid Al Aqsa is another of their Judaization process by dubiously claiming that Masjid Al Aqsa is built on the site of the Jewish Temple Mount. This is a claim disproved and falsified by Meir Ben-Dov a renowned Israeli archaeologist who has published several authoritative books on Palestinian-Israeli archaeological heritage sites in the region. Meir Ben-Dov asserts that the Wailing Wall the Jewish name for the Western Wall has no sacred significance in the Jewish faith.

Israeli Zionist actions to undermine Palestinian Christian-Muslim religious-historical-cultural sites goes unabated in spite of Israeli archaeologist and other scholars proving the fact that the Jews have no historic connections to these sites whatsoever. Israel is working diligently to appropriate Muslim and Christian heritage in East Jerusalem, a city that is designated by international law as illegally occupied.What is happening is a pure and simple Israeli Zionist aggression.

This being the case, the UNESCO a world entity chartered by the United Nations to protect world heritage sites which belongs to the humanity. This UNESCO Resolutions has nothing to do with politics, it is only asserting its UN Chartered rights to protect Jerusalem which is a listed world heritage site.

The UNESCO Resolution declares that there is no Jewish connection to Al Aqsa Mosque and Al Buraq (Western) Wall in the occupied Jerusalem. Further its outlines that the city is holy to all three monotheistic religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam whilst the resolution emphasizes that Al Aqsa Mosque and Courtyards are sacred only to the Muslims.

These being facts, the Good Governance Government to have a contrary viewpoint as held by Israel displays clear siding of the government with Israel against the rights of the oppressed Palestinians, against the goodwill of the Sri Lankan Muslim community whom the government represent abroad inter alia and the goodwill of all those who stand against Israeli oppression and well-founded scientific facts.

Muslim civil society, political groupings and parliamentarians participated at a meeting convened for this purpose by the National Shoora Council (NSC) condemns the change of position of the government for aligning with the Zionist oppressors in abstaining from voting at the UNESCO Resolutions. Sri Lanka as a sovereign nation blessed with four major religions, the government must act with backbone in standing against what is wrong to support what is right.

National Shoora Council

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