About us

The National Shoora Council is a consultative body comprising several Muslim Organisations and individuals which was formed to address the challenges currently faced by the Muslims in Sri Lanka in a proactive manner. Decisions and positions taken by the National Shoora Council (NSC) are arrived at after a process of consultation and discussions among its members and other relevant stakeholders. Accordingly we set out below the position of the National Shoora Council on the matters of immediate concern.

The National Shoora Council is an accord of Muslim organizations, movements, eminent personnel, and regional representatives in Sri Lanka who together shall be inspired and guided by the Qur’an and the Sunnah in its aims, policies, procedures and actions within the framework of the laws of Sri Lanka.

The Muslim Community of Sri Lanka has coexisted with the Sinhalese and Tamil communities in harmony for hundreds of years in a spirit of mutual respect and fraternal relations. However in the last three to four years we have seen a sudden surge in anti-Muslim activity through hate websites, public meetings, press conferences, demonstrations, media publications, attacks on places of religious worship, business places belonging to Muslims, dress code of Muslim females, the freedom to make available in the open market Halal certified clean food and articles, as well as other more insidious actions.

It is a collective independent body working for the pleasure of Allah to promote consultation, cooperation and coordination within the Muslim community as well as amongst the communities in Sri Lanka.

It is a broad-based, representative body of Muslims in Sri Lanka, accommodating and reflecting nationally the variety of social and cultural backgrounds, views, practices and outlook of the community.

It is a body that will base its policies and decisions on shoora or consensus and the largest practicable measure of common agreement.

It is a formally constituted body with a system of representation and accountability.

It is a body that will seek to draw on the talents and specialist skills of individuals and the strengths of organized bodies to meet the great challenges in preparing the case for, and advocating, the responsibilities, safeguarding the rights and obligations of Muslims of Sri Lanka.

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