Our History

Establishment of NSC

  • NSC was established in 2013 as a think tank forum to discuss and consult issues and challenges faced by Muslim community in Sri Lanka.
  • The idea of forming NSC emerged as a result of a community consultation session held in 2012 Dec to brainstorm thoughts towards developing a collective strategy for community development.
  • Since then series of discussions and idea generation sessions shaped the thinking to form an umbrella body with the following objectives:

Key milestones

  • Since the concept was developed various attempts were made to validate the concept and to collect viewpoints from different groups and individuals.
  • Nov 2012:  Brainstorming, Listing of community issues
  • Mar2013: Presentation of different structures/ models for Shoora
  • 2nd May 2013: Presentation of the model for a broader audience .around 200 participants witnessed this presentation at Miami reception hall
  • 14 June2013: The same group audience met again to further brainstorm the idea of forming the Shoora
    A select committee consisting of prominent individuals was formed
  • July 2013: The select committee met for the first time and discussed the priorities, Formed sub-committees
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