Discussion organized by sub-committee of NSC for Media on Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Discussion organized by sub-committee of NSC for Media on Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Date – On the 15th of June 2019, from 9 am to 1pm.
  • At – The National Shoora Council premises in Dematagoda.

16 Participants consisted mainly of people interested in the stated outcome, including Ulema, doctors, and persons involved in coexistence and peace building efforts among all communities in Sri Lanka.

It was to address a key issue that would, if responded to properly, contribute majorly to peaceful coexistence between the Muslims and all other communities of Sri Lanka.

The objective of the meeting was as follows-

  • Responding to queries, and frequently asked questions, extended by the Sinhalese community with regards to Islam and Muslim customs (non-political)
  • Addressing stereotypes and common misconceptions of the Sinhalese community with regards to Islam and the Customs (non-political)
  • To come to common grounds in answering questions with the best answers, and make such information available to all who seek such information.
  • Queries, stereotypes, and misconceptions include Arabization, Wahabism, Jihad, Justice in Islam, Halal, Marriage, Islamic banking, and so on.

It was unanimously agreed upon that a positive response to the objectives would tackle Islamophobia in Sri Lanka at its roots, and solidify the precarious balance of peace between the two religious groups concerned, by promoting an understanding of Islam, and what it entails, among the non-Muslim community.

General consensus said that responses to the objectives needed to be standardized, well-detailed, and easily conveyed.

The objectives were thoroughly canvassed.

Out of 22 FAQ’s identified as priority 4 subjects were discussed in detail, and at the conclusion of the meeting participants were tasked with collecting data (including national and international speeches and articles) as to how best to approach the problems discussed, as well as creating an e-mail group in which further points could be discussed.

Some were tasked to prepare answers to some FAQ’s and share them with the team through emails.

The team is to meet again well prepared to address the matters in detail.


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