Message to HE President from National Shoora Council

Gotabhaya Rajapakse

His Excellency,

Gotabhaya Rajapakse,

President of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka,

Presidential Secretariat,

Colombo 1.

Your Excellency,



We congratulate you Your Excellency, on your very emphatic and decisive victory at the Presidential Election held on the 16th instant.

With your past experience, we are confident that you are extremely capable of facing all the challenges of the nation and solving them efficiently and expeditiously while forging ahead National Unity and peaceful co-existence between the different communities,to maintain peace and achieve prosperity in our motherland.

National Shoora Council [NSC], which is a collective of 18 National Muslim Organizations and prominent Muslim individuals, looks forward to working with you closely, to fulfill the hopes and aspirations of the Sri Lankan public, so that Sri Lanka could take our deserved place in the comity of Nations before long.

We wish you all the very best.

Yours sincerely,

J.Tariq Mahmud,

President, National Shoora Council



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