• NSC Events
    NSC Events

    Media Brainstorming Session held on 07/06/2018 in Colombo

  • Regional visit
    Regional visit

    Visit to Thihariya on Promoting Concept of Shoora 

  • Drug Eradication
    Drug Eradication

    Drug Eradication Consultation with Professionals followed by the formation of Drug Eradication Task Team on 05/05/2018

  • Regional Visit - Badulla
    Regional Visit - Badulla

    NSC Regional Visti to Badulla 04th of May 2018

nsc mcslThe National Shoora Council (NSC) and the Muslim Council of Sri Lanka (MCSL) has appealed, to both the President and Prime Minister, to establish law and order.

In a letter the two organizations expressed deep disappointment and shock at the breakdown of law and order in this country and the apathetic response on the part of the Unity Government headed by the President. This has directly encouraged extremism against the minorities, the letter said.

The letter added: "The continuous attacks on the places of worship, businesses, etc. of Muslims and other minorities this year alone, stand as evidence of such indifference. We wish to bring to your kind attention that this is a precursor to the anarchy and pandemonium......awaiting to be wreaked in the country by these rogue elements as during the Aluthgama riot in 2014. Let this serve as a record that we have forewarned the Government of the impending danger to Muslims and people of other religious minorities, and the country's national security, economy, social stability and international image. It must be stated that the establishment and maintenance of the rule of law under this Government is appalling."

The two organizations went on to note that the continuation of this outrageous state of affairs will adversely affect the confidence of the Police and snowball into a situation where the law enforcing institutions will degenerate to irreversible levels. The letter also added that the Muslim community demands that the rule of law be established by prosecuting those who violate the law of this land, irrespective of their status in society or their beliefs.

"As a Muslim civil society, we assure you and the Government our fullest support at all times in your efforts at nation building with justice and equality to all," the letter concluded.

- Courtesy : Ceylon Today

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