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    NSC Events

    Media Brainstorming Session held on 07/06/2018 in Colombo

  • Regional visit
    Regional visit

    Visit to Thihariya on Promoting Concept of Shoora 

  • Drug Eradication
    Drug Eradication

    Drug Eradication Consultation with Professionals followed by the formation of Drug Eradication Task Team on 05/05/2018

  • Regional Visit - Badulla
    Regional Visit - Badulla

    NSC Regional Visti to Badulla 04th of May 2018

pura1A special Consultative Forum (CF) was organized by the National Shoora Council (NSC) held on the 10th of February 2019 at MICH Colombo-06 to discuss contemporary Issues that could negatively impact on the peaceful coexistence of Muslim community with the rest of the communities in Sri Lanka. The CF has been one of the well formulated mechanism of NSC that facilitate consultation on issues and concerns of the community with chosen number of key opinion leaders and relevant subject matter experts.

The recent CF on the contemporary issues and coexistence was a well-organized and well attended event attended by more than 65 individuals chaired by the Vice President of NSC Br. Riza Yahiya. The full day CF started by 09.00 am and went up to 3.30 pm, achieving its set objectives. Representatives of ACJU, MCSL, Key opinion leaders, members of Executive Committee, General Assembly together with the Secretariat team of NSC made this event a great success.

Sheikh Inamullah Masihudeen (GS-NSC) delivered welcome address, discussed the purpose of the gathering. Riza Yahiya (VP NSC) made a special presentation on outline of the present situation.

6 presentations were made by the panelists under the following topics:

  1. How the extremism is a threat for the National Security? - Mahil Dole (Ex- SSP)
  2. How to tackle the extremism according to Islamic teachings? - Sheikh S.H.M Faleel (VP NSC)
  3. Aftermath of Mawanella incident and the present situation - Faris Salih (Attorney at Law)
  4. Geopolitical background for communal unrest - M.M. Zuhair PC
  5. PTA and CTA and the national security - Javid Yusuf (Member of Constitutional Council)
  6. Muslim and non-Muslim relationship in eastern province - Eng. Aslam Saja (SEUSL).

The event was followed by a structured brainstorming session covering questions what are the causes behind the present scenario, how to make Muslims coexist with others, how can we engage our youth in nation building and mainstream presses.

Executive Committee, Secretariat and General Assembly members of NSC along with key opinion leaders, representatives of ACJU, MCSL were present at the event.
NSC thank the intellectuals who participated and driven it meaningful with the precious remarks on a Sunday.

NSC together with member organizations would follow up on the action points agreed at the discussion. A team consisting of 10 members would be responsible to prepare a position paper based on the CF proceedings.

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