• NSC Events
    NSC Events

    Media Brainstorming Session held on 07/06/2018 in Colombo

  • Regional visit
    Regional visit

    Visit to Thihariya on Promoting Concept of Shoora 

  • Drug Eradication
    Drug Eradication

    Drug Eradication Consultation with Professionals followed by the formation of Drug Eradication Task Team on 05/05/2018

  • Regional Visit - Badulla
    Regional Visit - Badulla

    NSC Regional Visti to Badulla 04th of May 2018

Novel Corona virus COVID-19 has become pandemic, as declared by WHO, affecting entire humanity around the globe. In spite of the efforts taken by the government of Sri Lanka to contain the spread of this disease, the risk still prevails for it to reach pandemic status unless the citizens fully cooperate with the authorities.

This is a testing time to all of us Sri Lankans irrespective of differences based on race, religion, culture or politics. As a nation enriched by religious and cultural beliefs, all communities acknowledge the fact that spiritual observances, virtuous deeds and desisting from sins contribute towards overcoming the adverse effects of natural or man-made disasters and outbreak of diseases.

The National Shoora Council (NSC), as the consultative body of the Muslim community, calls upon the citizens of this country to rise up together as a nation in addressing the threat of novel COVID-19.


NSC Urges the people not to panic and to desist from spreading rumors, unverified messages or causing inconveniences, discomfort and hardship to the others. 


Everyone should act responsibly, shedding all kind of differences and cooperate with each other as fellow citizens in following the guidelines issued by the state authorities, Ministry of Health, local health authorities, civil and religious leaderships and the World Health Organization.


The NSC also requests the Muslim community to strictly implement the precautionary measures issued by the Department of Muslim Religious and Cultural Affairs for Islamic institutions, Mosques and Madrasas, and the Islamic guidelines given by the All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama regarding the Corona virus pandemic.


As Muslims one of the higher objectives of the teachings of Islam is the protection and safeguarding of human life. It is required to maintain good health and hygiene at all times, which is demonstrated in our practice of taking ablution, which includes the washing of hands, face and feet five times a day before the performance of obligatory prayers.


We also urge the authorities and parties concerned to take all necessary steps to implement preventive measures in controlling and minimizing the threat of COVID-19, on all citizens and nationals alike and to ensure that the country and the people are protected against this contagious disease.


This is not only a challenge but an opportunity to review our lifestyle to be socially and environmentally responsible, to avoid unnecessary outings and gatherings and to move out of congested areas to spend more time at home, with family and children.

Let us pray for the safety and protection of the people all around the world, and for the speedy recovery and good health of all those affected.


J. Tariq Mahmud President

National Shoora Council




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