• NSC Events
    NSC Events

    Media Brainstorming Session held on 07/06/2018 in Colombo

  • Regional visit
    Regional visit

    Visit to Thihariya on Promoting Concept of Shoora 

  • Drug Eradication
    Drug Eradication

    Drug Eradication Consultation with Professionals followed by the formation of Drug Eradication Task Team on 05/05/2018

  • Regional Visit - Badulla
    Regional Visit - Badulla

    NSC Regional Visti to Badulla 04th of May 2018


Building the future by learning lessons from the past.


We are celebrating our 72nd Independence Day at a challenging time to our independence. We were once a colonised nation that destroyed our national fabric and disconnected us with our past by five centuries. Our forefathers’ struggle to throw the yoke of colonialism though gave us the freedom from direct colonial control but the residual values, ethos and mind-set that the colonialists implanted in us to think as individual groups and communities by way of divide and rule politics still persists in us.

Our independence struggle is not over yet, until our divisiveness in thoughts, society and politics is remoulded to think as one people embracing diversity and pluralism forming one nation.

Ever since, we got independence in 1948, we were bestraddled with internal conflicts within our people. Our economy, politics and society has descended to the lowest ebb making our citizens to leave our country causing brain drain. Our national leadership failed to respond appropriately and instead exacerbated the downfall by blaming the previous governments whilst failing to do the right thing.

Today, our independence is challenged by failing economy, society and politics and spiralling foreign debt compounded by lower per capita productivity. This is capitulating our freedom to regional or global powers that dictate us how we live.

True independence is a by product of freedom, security, territorial integrity, internal cohesiveness, productivity and peace which we lack. This is further challenged by internal threat of social polarization, racism and mis-management. We are threatened externally by the challenges of geopolitics, globalization and climate change. These challenges demand concerted actions by all citizens and the state to make us truly independent.

We salute our military and police for protecting the territorial integrity and maintaining internal security and peace. Their hard-earned contribution to protect the country should be complemented by the citizens and the state by building more trust and understanding between people and responsible governance by the state.

The National Shoora Council stands shoulder to shoulder with our country men and women to continue our struggle to build a peaceful, independent Sri Lanka.

We congratulate our countrymen and women, the armed forces and the governments for standing firm for our independence. On this 72nd Independence Day, we urge the citizens and the state to make a resolve to desist from blaming the past but to make a resolve to build our future embracing each other without discrimination as one people marching together seeking freedom from what threatens us as a nation.

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