• NSC Events
    NSC Events

    Media Brainstorming Session held on 07/06/2018 in Colombo

  • Regional visit
    Regional visit

    Visit to Thihariya on Promoting Concept of Shoora 

  • Drug Eradication
    Drug Eradication

    Drug Eradication Consultation with Professionals followed by the formation of Drug Eradication Task Team on 05/05/2018

  • Regional Visit - Badulla
    Regional Visit - Badulla

    NSC Regional Visti to Badulla 04th of May 2018

National Shoora Council (NSC) successfully conducted a symposium on Guidelines for Presenting Islam in Sri Lanka.

The symposium aimed at bringing all Muslim organizations together that are actively involved in sociocultural development in Sri Lanka, to create a common guidelines in presenting Islamic teachings among Muslims, was held on 9th January 2020 at the Conference Hall of Association of Muslim Youth of Sailan(AMYS). More than 60 participants represented 25 organizations, discussed the matters pertaining to community services and Da’wa activities in the present context.

This symposium was an initiative of NSCs subcommittee on Da’wa (presenting the teachings of Islam).

The subcommittee carried out its activities during past three months; gathered intellectual opinion, sought advice from academics and heads of various organizations, inclusive of different schools of thoughts.

The symposium focussed on presenting the synthesis with the recommendations and way forward on the subject—Presenting Islam in Sri Lanka. The symposium was concluded with a resolution.

- Ancestries and all previous efforts were done to present and protect Islamic teachings in Sri Lanka, are all highly respectable,
- A collective approach to plan and act towards national welfare with respect to emotions, different cultures and faiths,
- A consensus on common guidelines among different Da’wa activities, in order to present Islam in Sri Lanka with mutual respect and solidarity between different schools of thoughts.

were among the key points of the resolution declared at the end of the symposium.

Participants unanimously agreed the need to promote peaceful coexistence and religious tolerance in our beloved motherland, and protect the future generations from being misguided by extreme or radical elements that are alien to our religious and cultural values upheld for more than 100 decades ever since Islam was introduced in the region.

A contemplated discussion was carried out by 5 groups about way forward. An action committee was formed at the end of the symposium to undertake the task in order to finalize the outcome and publish the guidelines.

NSC is an umbrella organization consisting national level 18 member organizations, was established in 2013 and acts as a think tank. NSC, while trying to strengthen the Muslim community through participatory consultation, development of master plans and strategies for community. It also partners with organization of other faiths and government institutions to support Nation Building.

NSC recently, after series of consultations, presented a set of suggestions to all the presidential candidates who contested in the 2019 Presidential Election. NSC has undertaken various similar brainstorming sessions to develop guidelines for the common interest of the community.

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